The Glory of the Bride

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Mon, 08/20/2018 - 21:40

The glory of the bride is found
In the love of her groom
Her face is glowing brightly
As she walks into the room
The purity of her gown
Is the prudence of his choice
And her veil is the image
Of his kind, protecting voice
A blush is sitting gracefully
Upon her smiling cheek
Accentuated sweetly
By her gracious spirit, meek
The groom is standing tall and firm
Yet gentle is his hand
As he pledges his covenant
In front of all the land
His promise of sweet faithfulness

Head Over Heels

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Wed, 04/25/2018 - 05:00

I held the flowing bouquet of woodland flowers in both my hands and walked down the aisle at a measured pace. Once I had reached my designated spot, I turned and met the eyes of—no, not my groom. Sheesh. I’m single. I have yet to find a man that is willing to put up with this much sarcasm on a daily basis. Not that I’m looking for a man. Anyways, back to my story. I looked up and met the smiling gaze of my baby sister. Caitlyn looked ethereal in her shimmering white gown, with a cathedral veil trailing yards behind her.

I See A Bride

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Sat, 03/04/2017 - 18:51

I see a bride
She stands in white
Golden hair surrounds her face
I see a bride
Her richness found
In heart and hand
With love and grace
I see a bride
Her joy abounds
Her groom smiles brightly
His love is bound
For love binds easy
Yielded hearts
Such bondage welcome
Cheered by all
I see a bride
Her heart unfolding
Petals soft and pure and right
I see a bride
Her vows beginning
She stands tall
I see a bride
Her love unending

Hidden Behind the Veil of Remembrance

Submitted by Mairead on Sun, 11/04/2012 - 01:56

      Maeve shivered as she entered the overly air-conditioned party center through two very large heavy front doors. The heat of the day had been pressing on her bare shoulders ever since the morning sun had risen high into sky, and thus had succeeded in making her feel burdened and uncomfortable. The air inside the hall that was escaping through a large vent in the wall evaporated the moisture from her body as she passed, drying her sticky skin and making the hair in her arm stand on edge. A sigh escaped her throat, partly out of relief and partly out of anxiety.