The ocean

Sought and Searched

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Mon, 04/01/2019 - 16:18

A tempestuous sea is surrounding me
I’m in a raft built with my hands
The waves toss and pull me with glee
I start to drown, hopeless of land

Falling upon the broken boards
I cry out in grief and shame
I hadn’t sought or searched my Lord
And so I was to blame

I wept aloud distraught and broken
Begging for forgiveness there
But then the sun began to open
Leaving the sea calm and fair

The Ocean

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Thu, 03/21/2019 - 20:35

I watch the ebb and flow
Blue rushing to meet deep green
Sand tickled by frothy white
This is the charm of the sea

Consistent in its constant change
It sparkles darkly at its depths
Deeper than my mind can fathom
Reaching past my old regrets

Yet in its solemnity there is joy
Like when the sun finally breaks
And spreads its light across the surface
Spreading, too, across my face