The Ocean

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Thu, 03/21/2019 - 20:35

I watch the ebb and flow
Blue rushing to meet deep green
Sand tickled by frothy white
This is the charm of the sea

Consistent in its constant change
It sparkles darkly at its depths
Deeper than my mind can fathom
Reaching past my old regrets

Yet in its solemnity there is joy
Like when the sun finally breaks
And spreads its light across the surface
Spreading, too, across my face

A different kind of Sea

Submitted by Keziah Frye on Tue, 06/05/2018 - 17:26

Riding on a sea of dreams,
reality ready to burst, at its seams.
Bending the world to our minds,
discovering new places, species, and kinds.

Riding on a sea of waves,
a seagull that screeches, squawks, and raves.
Dolphins that together jump and play,
While whales moan and groan all the long day.

Riding on a sea of sand,
dividing the world between water and land.
Creatures scuttering 'cross the small white grains,
while sea lions bask with their non-existent manes.

From Sea to Tea

Submitted by Birdy Nicole on Wed, 07/30/2014 - 05:09

Push of from shore!
Cast off the more!
My sweetheart, I’m leaving for sea,
Tell mother, I shall miss her tea.

Heave and then ho!
Tossed high and low!
Hard work away on this galley,
but men are brave, forth we sally.

The rain now pours!
The storm it roars!
But battle, men, against the sea.
Battle now, soon you’ll be free.

Loyalty great!
To die is fate!
All is fair in love and in war
we have much to live and die for.

The Cliffs

Submitted by Hannah W. on Mon, 06/25/2012 - 04:11

The cliffs of the sea, stunted and black
stretch crookedly in a line between
the land and the sea. And me,
I am well content
with windowsills collecting dust,
and apples every fall 'til come famine or flood.

A dissatisfied grin, a shambled gate:
the cliffs are strung out like skeleton teeth.
Or the teeth of a rake left out in the rain
for too long. And I chose
to stride one side, plant my seeds and feet
rather than water, and drifting for weeks.

The Wise Fear Water

Submitted by Hannah W. on Thu, 03/29/2012 - 21:28

All wise men fear water.
They fear drowning, in too deep
they fear rain dripping steadily onto the street
they always carry umbrellas and
they never look at seas.

When I was young, I saw a river
Due to drought, it was growing thinner.
Stones were like gems inside it and
the fish were just like silver.

The water was streaming onward fast
not a hard-smooth mirror or a sheet of glass.
I reached my hand into it and
I felt it rushing past.


Submitted by Hannah W. on Tue, 11/29/2011 - 04:01

They compare eyes to windows,
a way of looking in;
or glassy, like a mirror--
are you but a reflection?

Eyes like water, too, they say:
deep pools, deep seas.
But pools may freeze
and seas may swell with storm.

Glass and water, they trade
similes as one and same.
A pool of tears, a looking glass--
I'm always slipping through.

But I can't reach through this mirror.
Ice has covered
the pool of your reflection;
there is frost on the window to your soul.

Through an Emerald Eye

Submitted by Bernadette on Fri, 04/01/2011 - 03:01


If the world was seen through an emerald eye

Stained-glassed windows all aspire


If heart was wood of cord and pine

 Billowing willows on the moor


If words would fail bitter darts

The gulls long wailing in the morn


If the world was seen through an emerald eye

Glass-stained doors all awry


Surge, Beat

Submitted by Bernadette on Mon, 05/17/2010 - 19:14