A Prayer

To My Father

Submitted by Libby on Wed, 04/10/2019 - 05:11

Father, gracious Father,
I seek your face.
Why do you hide when I need you most?
My soul yearns for you with the passion of a thousand tears;
yet the fears that mar your handiwork
are years of pain and bitterness that I cannot undo.

To a Dog I Never Saw

Submitted by Libby on Fri, 12/22/2017 - 18:37

They saw a lost dog. We turned around to find it. We went back, and it was gone.

On our way home from the Christmas party, we were all feeling pretty good. There was a nice, warm contentedness about us. I was even singing in my Christmas carols in my head when we drove up the hill. Suddenly and unexpectedly, sighs of,



“Poor dog!” reached my ears.

I looked up.

“Where?” I asked; but we had already passed him. I was told that he was black and white, like an Australian Shepherd.

New Birth

Submitted by LoriAnn on Sat, 01/24/2009 - 21:36

My wings are drooping, they drag the ground.
I’ve fallen, once again.
I’ve traded the wind for a sack full of dirt,
Purity for vile sin
Pick me up, Father; please, hold me close.
Brush the tears from my face,
You amaze me by washing me, making me new,
You help me to fly again.
Dear Father, I’ve failed,
I’ve disgraced your holy name,
My sins are too numerous to count.
But the Grace that you give conquers my faults.
You heal me, and embrace my cleansed soul
Thank you, Lord, for my silver lined wings,

Open The Eyes of my Heart

Submitted by Maddie J-3 on Thu, 02/21/2008 - 21:05

All these questions,
And worries,
Fill up my mind.

All these feelings,
Of loneliness,
Ache in my heart.

Lord, please take it away,
Take the pain,
From my life
Take the worries,
From my sight.

Lord, open the eyes,
Of my heart,
Let me see you.

And Lord,
Clear out my heart,
Let me love only you.

I called on you,
With a painful heart,
And you came to me,
With open arms.