road trip


Submitted by Damaris Ann on Mon, 09/26/2016 - 00:18

Rolling hills are lac'd with twinkling lights
This sleepy night in California
Curving roads that tease with many sights
Of places which I can't show to ya

Only rumors of a pretty beach
Sprinkled palm trees under glaring sun
People smiling at my southern speech
As I articulate more than one

Got my Texas tee and denim skirt
Topped with forrest green knitted sweater
Nothing but a country bumpkin squirt
Enjoying California weather

The Road to Nowhere

Submitted by Ragdoll on Sun, 01/25/2009 - 04:20
The road to nowhere. Or that's what it seems like anyways. Heading west on Interstate 10 with my mom, dad, brother, sister, dog, cat, and myself. Miles of empty land stretching out all around us. Small hills here and there. A lot of yellowish-greenish grass. Dry. Like no water has touched their roots in ages. My cat finally sleeps peacefully after an hour of meowing. My brother is immersed in his video game. I wonder if he will keep his neck down for that long, the whole trip. 10 more hours. 10 more hours. I can make it. I have to. I person can't die of boredom, can they? No.

Safe travels

Submitted by Christa on Tue, 04/15/2008 - 01:37

Feet up on the dash
Wiggling my toes
10 splashes of Kiss Me Coral
- orangey sparkly rose –
Delight me so
Fresh cotton smell,
Tickles my nose
Pillow warmed from the sun
Smashed against the window