Favorite Word(s)
esperanza, cotelydon, Chatteu, corazon, amore, diggerydoo,
Who am I?

My name is Taylor, though my family calls me Benjamin. I'm 21. I was homeschooled all the way, along with my three brothers and two sisters. Since I was young I grew up on a farm in rural east Texas, where I fell in love with nature, gardening, and plants. Began writing poetry in my junior year of high school and set out to mimic the pastoral poetry of Robert Frost, and then the socialist work of Carl Sandburg after moving to the city. I now don't read as much poetry, but when I do it's Pablo Neruda and just random stuff here and there.

My style is definitely in flux, though I always try to write poetry that opens other's eyes to a reality that is sometimes hard to see. I try to pull back the curtains and reveal a hidden truth that others look over. As such, my poetry can be intense at times, dark and depressing, or liberating as the moment demands. It has been deeply personal and cathartic in the past, but now is maturing I think into something that is more the result of my observations of the world, not my projections onto it.

By trade I am a professional server. I wait tables and also handle private caterings. I am going back to school as a freshman this fall to study soil science, which is my real love, and hope to work in organic agriculture once I finish my degree.

I enjoy reading about Latin American history, gardening, eating great food, hanging with my family and friends of all different backgrounds, and learning more about this gift of life that I've been given.

I hope that my writing blesses you and opens your eyes to this great, big, wonderful world that we live in and helps you appreciate it even more. Salut!

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