Giving Thanks

Submitted by Taylor on Sat, 11/24/2007 - 07:14

For all good things, all blessings
known, unknown,
past, present, and future—
I give thanks to You,
Ruler over all things
and Giver of all good gifts,
dear Lord.

For my family
who knows me best
and sustains me
when the weather of the world
turns ill.

For devoted friends
who remind me
that it is good to live
in fellowship with others.

For a home
with a floor, walls, and a roof
to keep out the rain
and seperate the In from the Out.

For a comfortable bed
to revive me each night.

For Shabbat and rest.

For the manna and quail
and the water from the rock.

For running water
and indoor plumbing.

For a good,
safe neighborhood.

For work
and the purpose that it gives
to my days.

For bosses
who understand
and respect me.

For paychecks,
and raises.

For books,
which let me see life
through others’ eyes.

For poetry,
which awakens great things
in the ordinary and commonplace
around me.

For two legs and arms,
all ten fingers and toes,
and a healthy mind.

For my Ra’ah.
One day . . .

For my dreams
which overcome
the disappointments
of yesterday
and give me strength

For school and learning,
and all my many teachers in life.

For a nomadic heart,
discontent with the offerings
of the world.

For the promise of something greater
beyond the desert,
of the Promised Land,
and of things unseen.

For you, oh Lord,
that you know my every need
and adopted me as your son
that I might fall to my knees and cry,
“Abba, father!”

For all other blessings,
great and small,
that come from You
and fill me with thanksgiving.

When I forget, bring these to mind.
When troubles come and tragedy’s
hand knocks hard against my door
remind me of these blessings
that I might not fear.

King of the Universe,
Who set the earth in motion
and called it very good
when Adam breathed his first—
I thank you
for everything.

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I really liked this.
My Thanksgiving this year was kind of disappointing.
This brought my selfish thoughts of what I want Thanksgiving to be back to what Thanksgiving really is.