Submitted by Wings of Eternity on Fri, 09/30/2016 - 18:22

I saw you today
and yet so familiar,
crimson and blue,
brown and tan,
building a wall,
and a bridge
on my heart.

how far we’ve come!
I miss you sometimes,
but not too often
Just in the night
when I dream,
I dream of you,
of laughter
of love
and of moments shared.

I saw you today
and I went right by.
The ache is gone,
replaced with wonderment
of how just much
you meant to me
during that time.
And how all of that
is now gone.

A lifetime ago,
it seems,
a lifetime lived
in only a few years.
You’re now forever
in my heart,
But not forever
on my mind.
You’re Nostalgia,
and that’s okay
with me.

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Hello to all of my AP family! I am still alive! I haven't had practically a single minute to write, but I did manage to churn this out today. I realized after I wrote it that it sounds like it is for/about a past love, but actually this was inspired by me driving by my old college today. I was thinking about how much has happened since I graduated; How my desires have changed from wanting to stay there forever, to appreciating it for what the experience was like at the time, and instead moving on. Hope you all enjoy! (And Damaris, you now have another person posting something on the main page to break up your posts haha!)


Yay!!!! I love your poetry. It has a heart. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us. :)

I WILL reply to your email! I've been meaning to answer both of them but have been far too grandparents from GA are here for the week! I'm so happy to have them with me. :)

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Thanks Damaris :) I am so glad you enjoyed this! No problems here either ;) Please take the time to enjoy your grandparent's visit. Mine are all gone, so cherish them while you can!

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This is great! Loved the colors, the feeling, the sentiment. Totally thought it was about a guy until I saw the commentary ;) And it's funny, the triplet of posts we have up right now -- mine is about nostalgia/loss, and Homey's ends with something "not being okay". They all flow together. You've written a beautiful piece!